St. Paul's Episcopal Church

Meeting Rooms

St. Paul’s provides rooms for non-profit or community service meetings. See guidelines below for information and reserving rooms. There is a downloadable file at the end of this section that you can return to us for your request, or feel free free to contact the office for more information.


St. Paul’s has created guidelines for the use of its facilities.  Facility usage is limited to six spaces within the St. Paul’s Church and Parish Hall facility;

1) Sanctuary [church] (maximum capacity 100),

2) Parish Hall (maximum capacity 85),

3) Guild Room, (maximum capacity 14)

4) Celtic Room [downstairs] (maximum capacity 50)

5) Room 1 [downstairs]

6) Library/Study

The facilities within the parish hall complex (Parish Hall, Celtic Room, Guild Room and Room 1) are currently open to use for community activities. Scheduling of space use will be on a first come first-served basis, with preference going to St. Paul’s functions if received on the same day. The schedule calendar will be maintained in the Church Office by the Parish Administrator in conjunction with the Parish Priest.

St. Paul’s may make space available to outside groups as described above at its sole discretion. At all times, St. Paul’s is under no obligation to provide its space to any group or individual, and reserves the right to reject any application for any reason.  St. Paul’s reserves the right to cancel any or all reservations at any time.

No Political Parties or partisan political functions may use St. Paul’s facilities for any reason or purpose at any time.  The use of St. Paul’s facilities by a For-Profit entity shall be prohibited.

Alcoholic beverages shall be allowed in the Parish Hall, only during a function of St. Paul’s Church, with prior approval by the Priest for any and all use of alcoholic beverages. St. Paul’s is a smoke-free, drug-free facility.

It shall be the responsibility of any user group to be in full compliance with all current rules, background checks and regulations regarding training as proscribed by the State of Pennsylvania or The Episcopal Church or St. Paul’s. This includes completing training for children’s programs. Any user who has a program involving children shall have on site person(s) who have successfully completed the no-cost online Safe Church training required by the Diocese of Bethlehem of the Episcopal Church and shall comply with the requirements of that program at all times. This rule applies whether the program is or is not a St. Paul’s ministry or sponsored function. For further information, contact St. Paul’s Parish Office.

All users shall have a designated representative over 21 years of age who is the available contact person of record for that function. This person shall be onsite throughout the duration of the use of St. Paul’s facilities.  This individual shall make time at St. Paul’s convenience to be oriented to the facility and its use.

Space use is scheduled by completing a Space Request Form (copy attached), and subsequent confirmation from the Parish Office that the request can be accommodated in full.  This requirement also applies to groups currently using the facility at the time of implementation of this Guideline.  Application forms must be completed and submitted at least 30 days prior to the date desired.

It shall be the user’s responsibility to use all facilities, fixtures and appurtenances

only for their intended use and only to the extent intended in the scheduling form. Undue damage or costs will be charged back to the user and the designated representative may be held personally responsible for reimbursement of all costs to restore, repair or replace damage.

Nothing in this agreement shall be interpreted to allow the breach of any law, rule or regulation. The user shall be held solely responsible for any violation of law or fines associated there from and shall be responsible for providing competent legal counsel, should St. Paul’s be named in any legal action associated with the user’s event.

Use of the kitchen facilities is to be scheduled. Organizations shall be responsible to provide their own coffee, food and all kitchen paper supplies. Kitchen Use includes coffee maker, oven, stove, microwave, dishwasher, use of dishes, cutlery and flatware, available space in refrigerator, or any combination of the above.

All users are availed the opportunity to use restroom facilities as needed. It shall be the responsibility of the user group to return St. Paul’s facilities to the same or better condition as when they arrived. Groups must clean up after themselves, including trash or litter on the floor, food and beverages removed, dishes are washed and put away, tables must be wiped off with a damp cloth; beverage stains must be cleaned up; sinks must be cleaned after pouring leftover beverages down the drain, as well as spills and splashes that occur in the process. Floors will be swept.  All lights must be turned off; all appliances are turned off; interior doors closed and all entrances to the building locked following each use of the facility.  Windows which have been opened must be closed and locked.

While St. Paul’s does not have a fee schedule for use of there rooms, it is appreciated if a free will donation be given to help offset the cost of utilities to the facility.

If interested, please download the following form and email it to us for scheduling.

facilities request